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Free Thinker 3 Days Standard Package
Everyone has their own ideas. Why not select our stylish & modern designed package to make the perfect send off? Choose from any of the following packages.
At Singapore White Business, our contemporary designed ” Free-Thinker ” funeral packages are affordable and of highest standard. We have more than 10 years of Professional “Funeral” event experiences with assuring quality funeral service that we can be proud of, making sure every final farewell is respectable and well-run.

White Business has been conferred with endorsement by many distinguished clergyman and spiritual leaders for our authentic funeral rites’ administration. They also served on our company board as “Religion Advisory” presiding over specific funeral rituals and practices.
Encoffinment Service                                                                  
1. Processing of death certificate
2. Pall-bearer service
3. Basic hearse vehicle
4. Casket model without glass
Ceremony Preparation
1. White Business’s (WB) Theme “Tentage” at HDB’s void deck enclosure (1 Unit)
2. WB’s Theme coverall round table (10 units)
3. WB’s Theme coverall chair (80 units)
4. Square table (10 units)
5. Photo enlargement standard size 10” x 12”
6. Flower frame arrangement Plus 2 units of table bouquet
7. Condolence Book And Box
Funeral Services Coordination
1. Service team
2. Funeral procession excluding cremention/burial fee
3. Air-con bus to crematorium and return to wake place ( 44 Seater)
Optional Items:
1. Cremention/Buried fee
2. Embalmment
3. F & B buffet & snack
4. Mourning clothing
5. Mobile toilet
6. PA system
7. Electronic keyboard
** Our package price listed is for all the items mentioned above. All ” Optional items 1-7 ” will be sold on a consignment basis and is not inclusive in the package. Our price is itemised and transparent.
** Above price quoted is for a funeral setup at a HDB Housing Void Deck. Price may vary for setup done at a private house / estate. Appreciate your kind understanding.
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