White Business
50 Ubi Ave 3, Frontier #04-01,
Singapore 408866.

About Us


WHITE BUSINESS the only company in Singapore will provide VIP comprehensive funeral services to our clients, without heightening the costs. Our client can be ensured all our setup is of the highest standard with full coverall for all our table and chair. Our affiliated parent’s company is one of the Singapore’s largest funeral provider hence the bereaved family that engaged us can be assure of a solemn and dignified ceremony in honor of their departed loved one.

PRICING transparency is our motto. Our packages’ price is clearly stated and itemized. Suffice to say, you are assure of quality and service within your affordability.

PROFESSIONAL team with more than 10 years of “Funeral Event” veteran experiences. Herein, we can be proud of, in making sure every final farewell is respectable and well-run.

EXQUISITE, outdoor “Funeral” Theme designed by WHITE BUSINESS that incorporate ” Modernized Style, Warmth and Simplicity”.

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